Body Massage 
60 Minutes Full Body  £55
30 minutes Back, Neck & Head  £40
A treatment that will leave you feeling relaxed, de-stressed and feeling revitalised.
It helps your body to eliminate toxins and increases circulation giving a sense of balance and harmony.
Energy Massage
90 Minutes  £60
An Energy Massage consists of a combination of a relaxing Body Massage and Reiki and or a Crystal Grid put under the couch.  This treatment will leave you feeling relaxed, de-stressed and feeling at peace.
Hopi Ear Candling
30 Minutes  £45
A Painless, natural way to draw out accumulated impurities from the ear canal.  It can help people with hayfever, headaches and more, leaving you feeling relaxed and lighter.
Abdominal Massage
30 Minutes  £45
Massage is used to help balance the internal organs, clear any blockages, stimulate lymph and influence the flow of energy throughout the body, this helps bring the body back to its natural healthy state.
Intuitive Life Coach
60 Minutes  £55
30 Minutes  £40
A intuitive life coach works with their clients to help them move forwards and overcome obstacles and make changes or shifts in all aspects of thier lives.  Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 
Card Readings & Mediumship
40 Minutes  £45
Need some help with direction in life? Need guidence from your spirit guides.  Maybe this is for you?
60 Minutes  £55
30 Minutes  £40

Reiki is the Japanese word pronounces Ray-key, meaning spiritual guided life energy also know as universal life energy.  It is an unseen energy that flows through all living things.  It has been used since ancient times by many cultures and has been passed down through time, where it has become used world wide.  Reiki practitioners channel this energy through their hands.  The energies can help aid the body to re-balance, giving a sense of peace and well-being.

Crystal Healing
60 Minutes  £55
30 Minutes  £40

Crystals come in all different colours and sizes, they all hold a different vibration of energy, they are used on or around the body.

The energy of the crystal aims to transform your energies back to balance giving a sense of well-being. Crystals can also be used within the home to help balance the energies within.

Sound Healing 1:1

60 Minutes  £55

30 Minutes  £40

I use the vibration of  singing bowls, bells, drums and a gong to help aid the body to return back to a balanced state.​  You can also use sound to clear energies in the home.

What to expect

I use my intuition to connect to you, your spirit and the spirit world to give you a unique healing session.  I may use a variety of healing methods dependant on what is needed at that time.

All healing disciplines are channelled by using love as its power so whatever is needed at the time will be gifted to you with love.

Please see Events Page for the latest upcoming classes and events available to you.

Sacred Space Facilitator

  • Does your home have that relaxing vibe?

  • Do you find yourself stressed with it? 

  • Need a hand in making it feel right?

I can help you connect with your home to re-arrange, recycle or up-cycle your possessions to make it feel like your home is vibing with you and not against you.

It's a passion of mine!

Contact me to discuss your personal needs.

Free consultation: I'm happy to provide a short free consultation without obligation on either part. 



I highly recommend Zoe’s energy massage. The gentle massage together with Zoe’s powerful healing skills combined to make a wonderful relaxing and uplifting experience. My body felt fantastic for days afterwards. What really surprised me was the amount of tension that had been released from my body without the usual massage manipulation. Thanks Zoe.

~ Anna

Zoe has pulled cards for me many times and her messages are also so love filled and insightful!  She obviously cares very much about helping others and it is that passion that always brings me back!

~ Ashley

I went to see Zoe when I had been ill for a while.  She listened to my issues, gave me sensible, practical advice without judgment before my healing, and I keep referring back to her words when I need to take a step back and remember to look after myself.  I also had a follow up email to check up on me the next day, which I appreciate, as well as feeling I can go to her any time with a question.  Not least, I remember having a good laugh throughout the session!

~ Sara

My experience with Zoe is as a life coach.  She is down to earth, warm, and very supportive.  I appreciate her kindness very much.

Zoe gives helpful practical advice to assist you on your personal healing journey.  I am grateful my path crossed with hers.....and I recommend her highly! 

~Marry Ann.

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